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Menus Window

Define a new menu or modify an existing menu.

A menu is a hierarchical arrangement of functions and menus of functions. Each responsibility has a menu assigned to it.

A "full access" responsibility with a menu that includes all the functions in an application is predefined for each Oracle Applications product. As a System Administrator, you can restrict the functionality a responsibility provides by defining rules to exclude specific functions or menus of functions. In fact, we recommend that you use exclusion rules to customize a responsibility in preference to constructing a new menu hierarchy for that responsibility.

If you cannot create the responsibility you need by applying exclusion rules, you may build a custom menu for that responsibility using predefined forms (i.e., form functions) and their associated menus of subfunctions. However, we recommend that you do not disassociate a form from its developer-defined menus of subfunctions.


Overview of Function Security

Implementing Function Security


Suggestion: By calling submenus from your menu, you can group related windows together under a single heading on your menu. You can reuse your menu on other menus.

Menus Block

Menu entries detail the options available from your menu.


Choose a name that describes the purpose of the menu. Users do not see this menu name.

User Menu Name

You use the user menu name when a responsibility calls a menu or when one menu calls another.

Menu Entries Block


Enter a sequence number to specify where a menu entry appears relative to other menu entries in a menu. The default value for this field is the next whole sequence number.

A menu entry with a lower sequence number appears before a menu entry with a higher sequence number.

Attention: If you change sequence numbers or frequently insert and delete menu entries, carefully check the default value. This value may be a duplicate sequence number or an out of sequence number.

Suggestion: You cannot replace a menu entry sequence number with another sequence number that already exists. If you want to add menu entries to a menu entry sequence that uses only integers, carefully renumber your menu entries to a sequence range well outside the sequence range you want, ensuring that you do not use existing sequence numbers

Once you save this work, you can go back and renumber each entry to have the final sequence number you want.

Navigator Prompt

Enter a user-friendly, intuitive prompt your menu displays for this menu entry. You see this menu prompt in the hierarchy list of the Navigator window.

Suggestion: Enter menu prompts that have unique first letters so that power users can type the first letter of the menu prompt to choose a menu entry.


Call another menu and allow your user to select menu entries from that menu.


Call a function you wish to include in the menu. A form function (form) appears in the Navigate window and allows access to that form. Other non-form functions (subfunctions) allow access to a particular subset of form functionality from this menu.


Descriptions appear in a field at the top of the Navigate window when a menu entry is highlighted.

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