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Dynamic Insertion

Dynamic insertion is the insertion of a new valid combination into a combinations table from a form other than the combinations form. If you allow dynamic inserts when you set up your key flexfield, a user can enter a new combination of segment values using the flexfield window from a foreign key form. Assuming that the new combination satisfies any existing cross-validation rules, the flexfield inserts the new combination into the combinations table, even though the combinations table is not the underlying table for the foreign key form.

For some key flexfields, dynamic inserts may not be allowed. Sometimes it may not make sense for an application to allow a user to be able to create a new combination from any form other than the combinations form. For example, a user should not be able to create a new part while taking an order for parts using an Enter Orders form; the application should restrict the creation of new part numbers to authorized users using a Create Parts form.

Dynamic inserts may not be technically possible for some key flexfields. If the combinations table contains mandatory columns that are not maintained by the flexfield, dynamic inserts would not be possible. If the combinations table contains mandatory non-flexfield columns, such as a "unit of measure" column, the flexfield would not be able to complete the entire row in the combinations table from the foreign key form (because the base table of the foreign key form is not the combinations table). The flexfield does maintain the CCID column.

Generally there is only one, if any, combinations form for a given key flexfield. In some applications, there may not be a combinations form. In these cases, you would use dynamic inserts to create new combinations.

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