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Choosing Your Value Set

If you do not want your flexfield to validate this segment, you can use the Value Sets window to define a value set with a Validation Type of None, or you can leave this field blank.

If you do not choose a value set, your segment behaves as if it were using a value set with validation type None, format type of Char, width the same as the underlying key flexfield segment column, with mixed-case alphabetic characters allowed and no right justification or zero fill. You must use a value set for any segment whose underlying column is not a Char column, or you will not be able to compile your flexfield. You must use a value set for the Accounting Flexfield.

Initially this field only lets you select from independent, table, and non-validated value sets, and you do not see dependent value sets in your list. If you want to define your structure to have a dependent segment that depends on an independent segment, you should define your independent segment first by selecting an independent value set in this field. Then save your changes before you start to define your dependent segment. Once you save your independent segment, you can also select from the dependent value sets that depend on your chosen independent value set.

This field prevents you from choosing a value set whose maximum size is greater than the size of your flexfield's underlying table columns. Value sets whose maximum sizes are too large for your flexfield do not appear in the list of values, and you cannot use them for your flexfield segment.

If your key flexfield does not allow "hidden ID" table-validated value sets (most Oracle Applications key flexfields), those value sets do not appear in the list of values, and you cannot use them for your flexfield segment.

You should ensure that the total of the value set maximum sizes for all of the segments in a given structure, plus the number of segment separators you need (number of segments in your structure minus one), does not add up to more than 240. If your structure's concatenated length exceeds 240, you may experience truncation of your flexfield data in some forms. See: Value Set Windows, Defaulting Segment Values.

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