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Oracle Reports and Applications Printing

When you run an Oracle Applications report, Oracle Reports generates and formats the output.

Each report has a print style that defines its dimensions, that is, the number of columns and rows it contains.

Once a report is completed, an Oracle Applications printer driver attaches formatting instructions for the destination printer.

Text, document, and printer formatting instructions for printing a file generated by Oracle Reports are summarized in the table below.

Oracle Applications Formatting Instructions

Instruction Explanation Mechanism Form
Format Text Bold, underline, page breaks. SRW driver control characters Print Styles (printer not associated with concurrent request; i.e., copies = 0, printer field blank)
    Printer Drivers (printer associated with concurrent request)
Format Document Width and height of report Print Style number of columns and rows Print Styles
Format Printer Tell printer to print portrait or landscape, reset itself, etc. Printer Driver initialization and reset strings Printer Drivers

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