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Printer Types, Print Styles, and Printer Drivers

The commands that a printer can understand vary from one type of printer to another. A printer type identifies a printer by manufacturer and model.

A print style tells the printer how a printed output should look. A printer driver delivers commands that tell the printer how to output the specified print style.

The ability to print a report in a particular print style depends on the type of printer the report file is sent to.

For each print style that a particular type of printer can print, a printer driver specific to the printer type and the operating system is required.

Attention: You must assign both a print style, and a printer driver to print that style, to each printer type you wish to print reports from in that style.

Figure 1 - 19.

Printer Type What kind of printer you have. This is the manufacturer and model. Two examples are a DEC LN03 printer and an HP Laserjet III printer.
Print Style A description of how your report should be printed. Print style determines the:
- Number of lines per page.
- Width of each line.
- Whether a header page should be printed.
Printer Driver The set of commands that tell a printer how to print in the Print Style chosen.
- Initialization sets printing orientation.
- Reset clears printer's instructions for next print job.

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