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Printer Drivers Window

Use this window to define your printer driver and printer commands.

Attention: You should issue a Restart concurrent manager command for all currently active managers whenever you edit an existing Printer Type, Print Style, or Printer Driver.

Oracle Applications ships printer drivers for the following print styles:

Printer drivers are supplied for the following printers:

Define additional printer drivers if you have different types of printers, or define additional print styles.

Printer Drivers Block

See: Controlling Concurrent Managers.


The printer driver name must be unique for a given platform.

User Name

This user name is referenced by Oracle Applications and must be unique for a given platform.

SRW Driver

Enter the name of the Oracle Reports (SRW) printer driver, if any, that will be invoked by your printer driver. Only Oracle Reports programs require this information.

Enter the entire path to the file, or just the file name. If you enter only the file name, Oracle Applications assumes the file is located in the $FND_TOP/$APPLREP directory.

Driver Method Region

Command The printer driver executes within an operating system shell. An example is the lpr command in UNIX.
Program The printer driver executes directly as a program, not through an operating system shell.
- An example is a C standalone program for printing.
- This method executes faster than the Command method, but cannot access shell commands like PRINT on MS-DOS.
Subroutine The printer driver executes a predefined Oracle Applications routine.
- An example is the SYS$PRINT routine called on the VMS platform.
- Subroutines are specific to operating platforms and are invoked directly by a system call from the concurrent manager.

Driver Method Parameters Region

Spool File

Select whether the printer driver creates its own copy of a file for printing. If this check box is checked when the Driver Method is set to Program, the print program creates its own spool file.

Standard Input

Select whether the printer driver accepts standard input. Uncheck this check box when the Driver Method is set to Program. Unless the program accepts standard input, this check box should always be unchecked.

Program Name

Select the name of a:

Arguments Region


Enter the initialization string that must be sent to the printer before the printer driver can begin printing.


Enter the reset string that returns the printer to its ready state when printing is complete

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