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Printer Drivers

To print in a particular style from a specific type of printer, you define a printer driver. A printer driver is the mechanism that delivers a report's output along with its commands to the target printer.

Concurrent managers determine what drivers to use depending on what the print style is and what printer (type) the report is to be sent to.

Defining a printer driver allows you to enter information specific to a printer type which makes it print in the style you want.

You need to define a printer driver for each print style that you want to use with a specific printer type on a specific platform.

Printer Driver Definition

A printer driver definition consists of the following information:

Name The name you give to your printer driver
Platform The platform (if any) that this driver is specific to
SRW Driver The name of the SQL*ReportWriter (SRW) driver (if any) that should be used for generating an SRW report.
Printer driver method How your printer driver is invoked. Drivers can be invoked as operating system commands, programs, or subroutines.
Description A description of your driver.
Program Name The name of the program that invokes printing.
Arguments Any standard arguments for your program (if method is Program) or the print command along with its arguments (if method is Command).
Initialization Escape sequences to initialize your printer for your print style. The initialization string tells the printer how to orient the characters on the page, for example, whether to print portrait or landscape.
Reset Escape sequences to reset your printer once printing completes. To use an analogy, the reset string is similar to erasing a blackboard full of instructions, so the next set of commands will not be misinterpreted.

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