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Printer Types Window

Use this window to define a printer type and to assign print styles and their corresponding printer drivers to the printer type.

Defining printer types allows you to assign print style and printer driver definitions to any number of printers by registering the printers as a specific "type".

When users choose a printer to send a report to, the available print styles are normally determined by the printer type.

Concurrent programs, however, can be defined to require their report output in a specific print style. For example, some Oracle Reports programs may require a specific print style in order to print correctly.

Attention: You should issue a Restart concurrent manager command for all currently active managers whenever you edit an existing Printer Type, Print Style, or Printer Driver.

See: Controlling Concurrent Managers

Printer Types Block


Enter a name for a printer type. Example printer types might be "LINE" for a line printer or "LN03" for an LN03 model printer.

You select this printer type when you register a printer using the Printers window.

Printer Drivers Block

Use this block to assign print styles and printer drivers to your printer types.

The Style button opens the Printer Styles window.

The Driver button opens the Printer Drivers window.

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