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Customizing the Submit Requests Window using Codes

You can give the Submit Requests Window a different title, and define the form so that it allows users to select only those reports or concurrent programs belonging to a request group that you have assigned a code to. To do this, you register a form function that references the Submit Requests Window, and you pass certain arguments to the function. Then you construct your menu to include this form function. See: Menus.

Using a Request Group Code as an argument

The following table describes the parameters passed to associate a request group with the Submit Requests Window and to customize the title of that form. Text is entered in the Parameters field of the Form Functions form.

Passing Parameters to a Submit Requests Window

Parameter Syntax followed by Example Explanation
REQUEST_GROUP_CODE ="Request Group Code" REQUEST_GROUP_CODE = "OE_CONC_PROGRAMS" This parameter passes the request group's code. (Required)
REQUEST_GROUP_APPL_SHORT_NAME = "Application short name" REQUEST_GROUP_APPL_SHORT_NAME = "OE" This parameter identifies the short name for the application associated with the request group. (Required)
TITLE ="Application_short_name:Message_Name" TITLE = "FND:SRS_NEWTITLE" This parameter identifies a message whose contents define the title, as well as the application short name of that message. (Optional)
LOOKUP = "Y|N" LOOKUP = "Y" This parameter indicates whether the TITLE parameter is a message name or a hardcoded string. The default value is "Y", which indicates that TITLE is a message name. (Optional)

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