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Overview of Flexfields and Standard Request Submission

Standard Request Submission uses a special descriptive flexfield on the Submit Requests window and related windows. This descriptive flexfield provides pop-up windows for users to enter reporting choices such as values they want to report on.

You may want to write a Standard Request Submission report that has several report parameters whose values are chosen by a user at submission time. Since the report parameter pop-up window is a descriptive flexfield, you must set up special descriptive flexfield segments even if your actual report has nothing to do with reporting on flexfield data. These special segments are your report parameters.

Attention: Since report parameters are a special type of descriptive flexfield segment, we use the terms "report parameters" and "segments" somewhat interchangeably, especially in descriptions of flexfield setup forms.

While many of the setup steps are similar, such as defining value sets, the Standard Request Submission descriptive flexfield differs from a normal descriptive flexfield in some important ways. The main difference is that you use the Concurrent Programs window to define your segments instead of using the Descriptive Flexfield Segments window. The other differences appear in the ways you define and use value sets, which are often more complex for Standard Request Submission report parameters than they would be for a normal descriptive flexfield.


Concurrent Programs

Descriptive Flexfield Segments

Warning: You should never change or delete a predefined value set that Oracle Applications supply. Such changes may unpredictably affect the behavior of your application features such as reporting.

This section discusses how you set up report parameter segments to pass values to your report using the Submit Requests form. For a discussion of how you should write your actual report program once you have planned your report parameter pop-up window, see the Oracle Applications Developer's Guide.

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