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Example of $FLEX$ Syntax

Here is an example of using :$FLEX$.Value_Set_Name to set up value sets where one segment depends on a prior segment that itself depends on a prior segment ("cascading dependencies"). Assume you have a three-segment flexfield where the first segment is car manufacturer, the second segment is car model, and the third segment is car color. You could limit your third segment's values to only include car colors that are available for the car specified in the first two segments. Your three value sets might be defined as follows:

Segment Name         Manufacturer 
Value Set Name       Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set 
Validation Table     CAR_MAKERS 
Value Column         MANUFACTURER_NAME 
Description Column       MANUFACTURER_DESCRIPTION 
Hidden ID Column         MANUFACTURER_ID 
SQL Where Clause     (none) 
Segment Name         Model 
Value Set Name       Car_Model_Name_Value_Set 
Validation Table     CAR_MODELS 
Value Column         MODEL_NAME 
Description Column       MODEL_DESCRIPTION 
Hidden ID Column         MODEL_ID 
Segment Name         Color 
Value Set Name       Car_Color_Name_Value_Set 
Validation Table     CAR_COLORS 
Value Column         COLOR_NAME 
Description Column       COLOR_DESCRIPTION 
Hidden ID Column         COLOR_ID 
                     AND MODEL_ID = 

In this example, MANUFACTURER_ID is the hidden ID column and MANUFACTURER_NAME is the value column of the Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set value set. The Model segment uses the hidden ID column of the previous value set, Car_Maker_Name_Value_Set, to compare against its WHERE clause. The end user never sees the hidden ID value for this example.

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