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Using the Column Set Builder

With the Column Set Builder, you can define a column set by laying it out graphically. You can also modify existing column sets.

Column Set Builder is primarily a layout and design tool. It does not include all of the options available from the Columns window. As a result, you cannot assign accounts, calculations, or exceptions within the Column Set Builder. However, you can add these things from the Columns window after you've designed your column set with the Column Set Builder.

Note: If you define a non-displayed column from the Columns window, it will not be visible in the Column Set Builder.

   To define a column set using Column Set Builder:

Suggestion: When defining columns, you may find it easier to define one column at a time. To do this, follow steps 4 through 9 for your first column, then repeat the same steps for each additional column.

Suggestion: When determining the width of your columns, you may find it helpful to consider the size of the numbers you expect to be displayed in your report, the factor you use, and the format mask you specify.

Note: The scroll bar to the left of the column headings area is only active when there are more than four lines used for headings.

   To change a column set layout using the Column Set Builder:

   To undo changes to your column set:

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