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Carrying Forward Year-End Encumbrances

You can carry forward year-end encumbrances into the following year. You can also carry forward an equivalent budget amount or funds available.

When you carry forward year-end encumbrances, the Carry Forward rule you specify determines how General Ledger calculates the amount to be carried forward. Note that General Ledger carries forward encumbrances, not as period activity, but as beginning balances.

You can choose one of the following Carry Forward rules:

You can print a preview report to view the effects of a year-end carry forward before you initiate the carry forward process. If you do not use the Year-End Carry Forward window to carry forward encumbrances at the end of the fiscal year, all encumbrances automatically go to zero.

You can execute year-end carry forward a number of times for different ranges of accounts and different encumbrance types.

Suggestion: Keep a checklist as you execute your year-end carry forward. Perform one company at a time, or one encumbrance type at a time, and check off each company or encumbrance type as you process it.


   To carry forward year-end encumbrances:

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