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Performing Year-End Encumbrance Processing

Perform year-end processing to identify outstanding purchase order and requisition encumbrances, to cancel some or all of these encumbrances, and to carry forward encumbrance, budget, and funds available balances into the new fiscal year.

You can carry forward encumbrances into the next fiscal year. If you do not carry forward encumbrances, you might want to cancel existing requisitions and purchase orders behind the encumbrances. You can easily identify purchase orders and requisitions behind encumbrances.


   To perform year-end encumbrance processing:

Suggestion: In addition to using these reports to identify outstanding encumbrances, request these reports before year-end carry-forward to create an audit trail of encumbrance balances.

Note: Requesting the Encumbrance Trial Balance report before and after year-end carry-forward creates an audit trail of encumbrance balances.

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