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Journals - Voucher Report

Use this report to print journal vouchers:

For each matching detail journal, General Ledger prints a voucher that includes header information such as batch name, period, journal entry name, document number, journal source, description, journal category, currency, accounting date, subledger document name, rate type, posting date, subledger document number, and exchange rate.

For each detail journal line, General Ledger prints the line number, account, account description, entered debit or credit amount, and description. At the end of the voucher, General Ledger prints the total entered debit and credit amounts.

A new page is started for each journal voucher.



When you request this report, General Ledger prompts you to enter the following:

Posting Status: the posting status on which you want to report. You can enter Posted, Unposted, or Error.

Start/End Posting/Account Date: the starting and ending posting or accounting dates for which you want to print journals and journal details. If you select Posted as your posting status, these entries are the starting and ending posting dates. If you select Unposted or Error as your posting status, these entries are the starting and ending accounting dates.

Sequence Name: the sequence name on which you want to report.

Start/End Sequence Number: the starting and ending document number to include in your report.

Note: These two parameters must be automatic document numbers assigned by General Ledger. Manually assigned document numbers will not work for this report.

Batch Name: the batch name on which you want to report.

Source: the journal source on which you want to report.

Category: the journal category on which you want to report.

Caution: General Ledger does not check your report parameters for conflicts. For example, you will get no errors if the batch name you specify does not include the sequence numbers you specify. Your report will run, but may produce no results. You should carefully review your report output to ensure that it meets your expectations.

Selected Headings

Refer to the selected heading descriptions below for additional information.

Period: the accounting period in which the journal was entered.

Document Number: the document number for the journal.

Currency: the currency used to enter the original journal amounts.

Account Date: the accounting date of the journal.

Posted Date: the date the journal was posted.

Exchange Rate: the rate used to convert the entered journal amount into your set of book's functional currency.

Accounting Flexfield: the General Ledger account and description for the detail journal line.

Entered Debit: the detail journal line debit amount as entered in the original currency.

Entered Credit: the detail journal line credit amount as entered in the original currency.

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