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Defining ABC Classes

You use ABC classes to identify the value groupings to which your items belong. You define these classes using your own terminology. For example, you might define classes High, Medium, Low, and later assign your items of highest rank to the High class, those of lower rank to the Medium class, and those of lowest rank to the Low class. You can add to the list of classes you have already defined.

Attention: You must assign an ABC class to at least one ABC group. See: Defining ABC Assignment Groups.

You can use ABC classes to group items for a cycle count where you count "A" items more frequently than "B" items. When you use ABC classes in this way, you perform an ABC analysis and assign items to classes based on the results of that analysis.

You can also use ABC classes to group items for planning purposes. For example, the Planning Detail Report allows you to choose an ABC class to report on.

   To define an ABC class:

   To delete an ABC class:

   To make an ABC class inactive:

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