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ABC Assignment Groups

ABC assignment groups link a particular ABC compile with a valid set of ABC classes. This allows you to selectively reduce or increase the number of ABC classes you want to use in your item assignments for a particular ABC compile. For example, you might have five classes, A, B, C, D, and E, defined for your organization where you perform your ABC analysis by subinventory. The first subinventory is rather small. You need only three classes in which to divide your items. You define an ABC group, associating the ABC compile for the first subinventory with the classes A, B, and C. The second subinventory for which you compile an ABC analysis is much larger. There are five distinct value groupings of items. You define a second ABC group, associating the ABC compile for the second subinventory with all five classes defined for your organization, A, B, C, D, and E.

Oracle Inventory uses these groups when you automatically assign your items to ABC classes. It ensures that you divide your items into the exact number of groupings you specified in the ABC group.

You must also assign a sequence number to each class associated with the ABC group. The class with the lowest sequence number is assumed to have the highest rank and will have higher rank items assigned to that class than the next higher sequence number. Using the "A", "B", and "C" classes in the example above, you might assign the "A" class a sequence number of "1", the "B" class a sequence number of "2", and the "C" class a sequence number of "3". (Sequence numbers "10", "20", and "30" would give the same result.) When you later assign your items to ABC classes, the first grouping of items in the descending value list are assigned to class "A", the next to "B", and the last to "C".

You may update an assignment group to add new classes. However, you cannot delete a class. If you need to delete a class, you must create a new assignment group with only the desired classes.

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