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Updating ABC Item Assignments

If you are not satisfied with the class into which an item falls as a result of the automatic ABC assignment process, you can change it. For example, assume you compiled your ABC analysis based on historical usage value. You have a relatively new item in your inventory that was ranked toward the bottom of your ABC Descending Value Report since it has very little transaction history on record. Therefore, after the assignment process, this item was assigned to a class of low rank. However, you know that in the future, this item will have a high usage value and should really be classified as a high rank item. You use the Update ABC Assignments form to reclassify this item to now be a high rank item.

Attention: Whenever you recompile an ABC analysis or change the method by which you assign your ABC classifications, you lose any changes you might have made to your item assignments. All items are reclassified based on their new ranks in the ABC Descending Value Report and the method you choose to determine cutoff points.

You can also update an ABC group to include those items that were not a part of the initial ABC compile. This allows you to expand the scope of your existing ABC compiles without having to rerun any processes. For example, if you start stocking a new item in your inventory, you can make it a part of your existing ABC groupings through the update process. Otherwise, you would have to start all over by recompiling your ABC analysis and reassigning your items to ABC classes. With the whole process starting from the very beginning, you also run the risk of losing any changes you might have made to your item assignments.

   To update an ABC item assignment:

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