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Entering Movement Statistics

Use the Movement Statistics window to enter and maintain information associated with the movement of goods. You can track:

You can also link movement statistics to financial transaction information, such as document numbers and invoices. See: Collecting and Reporting Movement Statistics.

Country-specific List of Values Information

Oracle Inventory supports country-specific lists of values seeded with a country prefix. The prefix used is the two-character upper case ISO code of the country.

Defaults in the Movement Statistics Window

The following defaults are used where valid within the Movement Statistics window. The default value has the appropriate country prefix. If the new country-specific default is valid, it is displayed. If the constructed country-specific default is not valid, there is no default.

Transaction Nature Purchase order line transaction reason code
Delivery Terms Purchase order header free-on-board terms
Transport Mode Purchase order header freight carrier
Transaction Nature None
Delivery Terms Sales order header free-on-board code
Transport Mode Sales order line freight carrier


   To enter movement statistics:

   To enter source detail information:

   To enter invoice details information:

   To enter movement details information:

   To enter country detail information:

   To enter additional movement details:

See Also

Collecting and Reporting Movement Statistics

Defining Movement Statistics Parameters

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