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Overview of GL Entry Reconciliation

GL Entry Reconciliation is a set of windows and reports that let you selectively cross-reference transactions in General Ledger. Once the balance for a group of transactions is zero, you can mark the transactions as reconciled. This functionality enables the transactions in any account that should balance to zero, such as a VAT control account, as reconciled.

Note: The Reconciliation Lines window for manual reconciliation and the automatic reconciliation process do not work on the same principles.

Use the Reconciliation Lines window to reconcile across any code combination IDs (with different balancing segments or account segments) or reconciliation references, as long as the balance for the group of transactions is zero.

The automatic reconciliation process only reconciles transactions that have matching balancing segments, account segments, and reconciliation referencesor optionally where the reconciliation reference is blankwhere the balance for the transactions is zero.

It is also possible to reverse a reconciliation.

Before you can use the Reconciliation Lines window or reports, set the Reconciliation Flag for the account segment values and code combinations that require reconciliation.

Enabling Reconciliation for Account Segment Values

Enabling Reconciliation for Code Combinations

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