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Performing Manual Account Reconciliation Reversal

Use the Reconciliation Lines window to query and mark accounts that qualify for reconciliation reversal.

To reverse reconciliation for an account:

1. Navigate to the Reconciliation Lines window (General Ledger: Localizations > Manual Reconciliation). The Find Reconciliation Lines window appears.

2. Choose Reverse Reconciled Lines from the Status pop-up menu.

3. Enter a value in at least one of the Reconciliation fields to restrict the find. If you do not specify at least one of these fields, a message is displayed instructing you to do so.

4. Press the Find button. The Reconciliation Lines window appears.

5. Mark the transactions that you want to reverse reconciliation for by clicking the Reverse check box for each account.

6. Save your work. If the sum total of the marked transactions is equal to zero, then the journal lines are marked as reversed.

If the sum total of the marked transactions is not equal to zero, General Ledger displays an error message and prevents the reconciliations from being reversed.

7. Press the OK button.

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