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Overview of Subledger to General Ledger Audit Reports

Use the Summary and Detail Subledger Balance reports to renew balances sorted by Accounting flexfields within subledgers by either:

eur90000.gif Supplier/site (in Oracle Payables)


eur90000.gif Customer/site (in Oracle Receivables).

Some countries legally require that you must be able to report on the supplier or customer account balances within the subledgers. You can use the Summary and Detail Subledger Balance reports to meet these requirements.

Although Oracle Payables and Oracle Receivables do not report summary supplier balances or customer balances against Accounting flexfields, these products do provide a summarized list of currently open (unmatched) transaction amounts. You can derive an outstanding account balance from these transaction amounts. The Accounting flexfield information is held at a detail level against those individual transactions. An invoice, for example, has liability accounts and several expense accounts recorded against it.

These reports also serve a useful reconciliation/analysis role. The liability accounting entries that were made in General Ledger may not accurately reflect the overall liability to a particular supplier, such as what remains in terms of unpaid/outstanding transactions. Possible reasons include:

eur90000.gif Miscodings may have been made. In Oracle Payables you can record, for example, a liability account against an invoice distribution. In the case of such miscodings, the real balance on the liability control account is not visible on the standard Trial Balance report. On the new reports, all transactions that relate to a particular General Ledger account are grouped together, and differences between the liability for a supplier as shown on the General Ledger account and the liability as represented by the amount of the open items against that supplier would be clearly visible.

eur90000.gif The interface between the subledger and Oracle General Ledger (posting) may have failed.

eur90000.gif The journal batch in Oracle General Ledger may not have been posted, and journal lines in it may have been altered or deleted.

eur90000.gif The interface between the subledger and Oracle General Ledger (posting) may not yet have been run. You are required to report on the accounting analysis within the subledger without entries being transferred to General Ledger.

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