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Capable to Promise (CTP)

Capable to Promise (CTP) extends Available to Promise by taking into account capacity information. Whereas ATP only considers material availability and assumes infinite capacity resources, CTP considers availability of both materials and capacity, giving a more realistic picture of whether demand can be satisfied within a given time fence.

To enable CTP calculations, you must set the INV:Capable to Promise profile option to Yes. See: Oracle Inventory Profile Options.

CTP calculations take longer than ordinary ATP calculations, and in some cases you may not want to spend the extra time considering capacity resources. Therefore, you can choose at the item level whether you want to check only materials or only capacity resources or both in the ATP calculation. To do that, set the Check ATP item attribute in the Order Entry attribute group. See: Order Entry Attribute Group. A CTP calculation is typically used to check availability of components and resources only for ATO items.

If you want an ATP calculation on the item to consider resources, you must also define a CTP routing for the item and turn on the Capable to Promise check box in the Routing form. (The CTP calculation only takes into account demand placed on resources by items whose routings have the Capable to Promise flag turned on.) See: Creating a Routing.

In addition, you must specify by department which resources should be used in CTP calculations. See: Defining a Department.

A CTP calculation checks availability of components only for assemble-to-order items, not standard items. Furthermore, it only checks availability of components if the ATP components item attribute in the Order Entry attribute group is turned on. See: Order Entry Attribute Group.

For example, assume item A is a model whose components are items B and C. Suppose that quantity-on-hand for item A is 0. If you do an ATP check that only considers materials, the ATP quantity will be 0. If you do a CTP check (that is, an ATP check that considers both materials and resources), and the Check components item attribute is turned on for item A, the application will check the availability of items B and C and will check the resources necessary to make item A to determine how many of item A can be made. In addition, it will check the resources and materials necessary to make more of items B and C, to make more of item A, and will report the total in the CTP calculation. Thus, a CTP calculation that considers both materials and resources might show a greater ATP quantity than a calculation that only checks materials, particularly when the item being checked is an assemble-to-order item.

To perform a CTP calculation, see: Viewing ATP Information.

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