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Copying/Merging Forecasts

You can copy forecasts from within your own organization, from any other organization, or from any focus or statistical forecast.

You can modify existing forecasts while merging them into new ones. This allows you to forecast (for simulation purposes) the same collection of items, but with altered forecast rates and percentages, using a series of modification factors and/or carry forward days.

When copying from existing forecasts, you have the option to copy original or current forecast quantities. When you merge a forecast, you can selectively overwrite the existing forecast, or you can consolidate forecasts by not overwriting previous forecast entries.

If you load source forecasts with one demand class into a destination forecast with a different demand class, Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning warns you that the demand classes are different. It associates the new entries in the destination forecast with the demand class of the destination forecast.

   To copy or merge forecasts:

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