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Creating Planning Exception Sets

You can define and update planning exception sets to identify items, orders, and resources that require attention based upon a set of predefined action messages. This facilitates control over message sensitivity, message priority, and marking those messages where action has been taken. After you have defined a planning exception set, you can assign it to the appropriate items when you set the Exception Set attribute for the MPS/MRP Planning group in Oracle Inventory. (If you're creating an exception set that includes exceptions involving resources, you also need to associate the exception set to resources in Bills of Material.) You will see exceptions based on your exception set associated with your items, and resources.

   To enter and update planning exception sets:

   To enter sensitivity controls for the planning exception set:

   To enter exception time period types for monitoring exceptions:

Note: Some exceptions only occur if you also enable pegging at the item level (using the Pegging attribute in the MPS/MRP Planning Group) and the plan level (using the Plan Options form). These exceptions are:

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