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Reviewing Planning Exceptions

Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning provides a range of exception messages for all plans.

You can easily manage your plan by displaying only those items and orders that require your attention, and you can further narrow your search using other criteria such as by buyer or by line. For each exception that matches your selection criteria, you can view a summary of the exception and then drill down to pinpoint orders or items which caused the exception(s). For these items or orders, you can view item information, horizontal plan, and supply and demand. By saving the exception messages each time you replan simulations, you can compare different versions of the same plan or analyze the strengths and weaknesses of a single plan.

Note: You can only display detailed exception and item planning information for exceptions generated by the current planning run. Relaunching the plan from the Launch DRP/MPS/MRP window erases all exceptions and only rebuilds the "current" version.

   To review a summary of exceptions:

If nothing appears in one of these fields, there are likely multiple values for that field. For example, if the Item field is blank, there may be multiple items for which the exception occurred. To find out more, query exceptions by the above-mentioned fields or look at the exception details for the exception type that interests you.

   To review details about a particular exception type:

   To display item information associated with your selected exception message:

   To view resource information for your selected exception message:

   To display the horizontal plan for your selected exception types:

   To save all exception messages:

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