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Starting the Planning Manager

The Planning Manager controls a continuous background process that periodically activates for all organizations. It differs from a normal process in that you need to start it only once. This process is activated based on the processing interval you define.

Once activated, the Planning Manager executes several maintenance tasks. For example, the Planning Manager performs forecast consumption, MDS shipment relief, MPS schedule relief, and forecast and master schedule imports.

Attention: You should activate the Planning Manager and leave it running. The Planning Manager performs maintenance tasks vital to the proper operation of Oracle Master Scheduling/MRP and Supply Chain Planning.

Suggestion: When it operates, the Planning Manager may run for a very short time only, making it difficult to determine whether it is running. To be sure, examine the log file for the concurrent request of the Planning Manager to verify that it is active.

   To start the Planning Manager and to define the processing interval:

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