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Planning Methods

MRP Planning Methods in Oracle Inventory

You can define an MRP planning method for an item when you define an item in Oracle Inventory. Items that are considered by the planning process must have one of the following MRP planning methods:

Oracle Supply Chain Planning users can define three additional attributes (See: Supply Chain Planning Methods):

MPS Planning

Select MPS planning for items that you want to master schedule and maintain personal control. MPS planning is most effective for:

MRP Planning

If your demand is smooth or predictable, you may not require master production scheduling. Select MRP Planning for these items and use the master demand schedule to drive the material requirements plan.

Or, you can select MRP Planning for those items with dependent demand that you want the planning process to plan and maintain. You can also select MRP Planning for those items with independent demand that do not require personal control.

Suggestion: You can set the MRP planning method item attribute to MPS Planning so that the long-term material requirements for an item are generated.

Inventory Planning Methods

In addition to an MRP planning method, you can use the following inventory planning methods for an item:

Min-Max Planning

Select Min-max planning to define a minimum quantity that you want on hand. When you reach this quantity, you reorder. You also define a maximum on-hand quantity that you do not want to exceed.

Reorder Point Planning

You may also want to set the Inventory Planning Method item attribute to Reorder Point planning to facilitate automatic order execution.

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