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Defining Items

With the Master Item window you can define and update items and the attributes associated with them (such as description, lead time, unit of measure, lot control, and so on).

Much of the information for an item is optional. You define only the information you need to maintain the item.

Updating Item Attributes

To update Master level attributes use the Master Item window. If an attribute is controlled at the Master level, the value of the attribute applies for all organizations in which the item is assigned.

You must use the Organization Item window to update Organization level item attributes. This update window only updates Organization level attributes in your current organization. See: Updating Organization Level Items. If you change an Organization level attribute with the Master Item window, you are simply defining the default value for that organization level attribute (and changing the value in the master organization). This default is used when you assign an item to a new organization.


   To define an item:

   To display existing items:

   To define an item by copying attribute information from an existing item:

   To define an item using a template:

   To copy attributes from an existing item and apply a template at the same time:

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