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Searching for Information

Oracle Applications provides you with easy-to-use search capabilities to access application information. You can quickly retrieve and review all available information in your database without having to remember the information displayed in windows, or print lengthy reports to see the data. Instead, you can simply run a search to obtain the information you want and review the data online in the same window used to enter the data.

This section describes the two methods you can use to search and retrieve records in a window:

In addition, this section also describes a type of window that lets you immediately query records for review or editing:

Note: We use the words search and query interchangeably to describe the retrieval of records.

Note: Some windows cannot be searched because they display only run-time output or they can only be used to submit or run specific processes. An example is the Run Requests window. Your application displays a helpful message in the message line if you attempt to search in such a window.

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Basic Business Needs

Oracle Applications lets you satisfy the following basic information search needs:

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