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Using the Calendar to Enter Dates

You can enter a value directly into a date field using the DD-MON-YYYY format (i.e. 08-AUG-1996) or use the calendar to enter a value. When entering the date directly always enter the complete date. Entering the year as only two digits may cause the date to be stored incorrectly. For example, if you enter 08-AUG-96 as your date, it may be stored as 08-AUG-0096. If you are unsure of the date you should enter in a field, you can display the Calendar window to help you select a valid value. If your date field also supports time, you can also use the Calendar window to choose a valid time with the date.

Basic Business Needs

The Calendar lets you satisfy the following business needs:

Using the Calendar Window

If you navigate to a date field that displays the <List> lamp on the status line, you can use the Calendar window, as shown in Figure 1 - 43, to help you enter a date.

Figure 1 - 43.

   To choose a date in the Calendar window:

Suggestion: To quickly display the current month and year in the calendar, click on the month and year display located above the calendar.

   To choose a date and time in the Calendar window:

Figure 1 - 44.

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