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Delivery-based Packing Slip

The Pack Slip shipping document prints all confirmed sales orders in a selected delivery on preprinted paper. This shipping document prints customer name with both the ship-to and bill-to addresses, ship date, freight and payment terms, order date, and salesperson. Also included are the waybill number, freight type, freight amount, FOB point, freight carrier, and unit of measure.

The Packing Slip lists each ordered item including the line level ship-to contact or order level contact, the purchase order number, the unit of measure, and the quantities ordered, shipped, and backordered.

For internal sales orders, Order Entry defaults the internal sales order number and requestor name to the Packing Instructions column.


In the Shipping Reports and Documents window, select Packing Slip from the list of values for the Name field.


When you request a Pack Slip, Oracle Order Entry/Shipping provides you with the following parameters. If you leave any of the non-required parameters blank, this report includes all picking lines that meet your other parameter criteria.

Departure Name

Select the departure containing the delivery that you want printed.

Departure Date (Low and High)

Define the range of departure dates containing the delivery/deliveries for which you want printed.

Freight Carrier

Select the freight carrier for the delivery/deliveries for which you want printed.

Delivery Name

Select the delivery for which you want printed.

Item Description

Select Description, Flexfield, or Both depending on whether you want the item name, description, or both the item name and description to be printed in this report under the Item column heading.

Use customer items

Select whether or not you want to customer items printed.

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