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Enabling or Disabling Standard Dimensions

Your company may not require all of the standard dimensions provided by Oracle Project Analysis Collection Pack. Disabling any unnecessary dimensions can improve the performance of Oracle Project Analysis Collection Pack and your data warehouse by reducing the amount of information processed by collection programs and by minimizing the size of your data mart and data warehouse.

Warning: Plan and execute all of your customizations before you load information into the interface tables and generate your data warehouse. Performing customizations after you implement and use the data warehouse requires the regeneration of the data warehouse, which can be very time-consuming.

   To enable or disable a standard dimension using the Dimensions window:

Attention: You must disable dimensions before freezing the data warehouse metadata in the OADW repository and before customizing your collection views. If you subsequently enable or disable a dimension after you have generated the OADW runtime warehouse, you must regenerate the runtime warehouse to collect data based on the new set of dimensions.

Attention: You must submit the PRC: Refresh Dimension and Fact Tables process after you regenerate your views to update information based on your changes if you ran either collection process before enabling or disabling the dimensions.

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