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Oracle Projects Navigation Paths

This table shows the default navigation paths for most of the windows in Oracle Projects as they are supplied. The responsibility that you use determines which of these windows you can use and how you access them. Your system administrator sets up navigation menus and task flows for your responsibility. He or she may also create customized versions of some of these windows using different window titles.

If you are familiar with Release 10 character-mode applications and want help learning the corresponding Release 11 windows, see Oracle Applications Character Mode to GUI Menu Path Changes.

Folder Technology

The windows marked with an asterisk (*) use folder technology, which allows you to customize your folder's appearance using the Folder menu option. Folder-enabled windows are designated by a folder icon in the window's upper left corner. Your system administrator manages which users or responsibilities can access or own various folders. For more information see: Administering Folders in the Oracle Applications System Administrator's Guide.

Accounting Calendar Setup > Financials > Calendar > Periods
Agreement Billing > Agreements
Agreement Template Setup > Billing > Agreement Templates
Agreement Types Setup > Billing > Agreement Types
AR Payment Terms Setup > Billing > Payment Terms
Assign AutoAccounting Rules Setup > AutoAccounting > Assign Rules
Assign Descriptive Security Rules Setup > Flexfields > Descriptive > Security > Assign
Assign Key Flexfield Security Rules Setup > Flexfields > Key > Security > Assign
AutoAccounting Lookup Sets Setup > AutoAccounting > Lookup Sets
AutoAccounting Rules Setup > AutoAccounting > Rules
Bill Rate Schedules Setup > Billing > Bill Rate Schedules
Billing Extensions Setup > Billing Extensions
Budget Change Reasons Setup > Budgets > Change Reasons
Budget Entry Methods Setup > Budgets > Entry Methods
Budget Types Setup > Budgets > Budget Types
Budgets Budgets
Burden Cost Codes Setup > Costing > Burden > Cost Codes
Burden Schedules Setup > Costing > Burden > Schedules
Burden Structures Setup > Costing > Burden > Structures
Capital Projects Capital Projects
Class Categories and Codes Setup > Projects > Classifications
Compensation Rules Setup > Costing > Labor > Compensation Rules
Completed Requests Other > Requests > View
Contact Types Setup > Project > Customers > Contact Types
Control Actions Setup > Activity Management Gateway > Control Actions
Control Billing by Top Task Billing > Control Billing by Top Task
Cost Bases Setup > Costing > Burden > Bases
Credit Types Setup > Billing > Credit Types
Cross Validation Rules Setup > Flexfields > Key > Rules
Customers Setup > Customers > Customer Entry
Descriptive Flexfield Security Rules Setup > Flexfields > Descriptive > Security > Define
Descriptive Flexfield Segments Setup > Flexfields > Descriptive > Segments
Descriptive Flexfield Values Setup > Flexfields > Descriptive > Values
Dimensions Setup > Collection Pack > Dimension
Employee Cost Rates Setup > Costing > Labor > Employee Cost Rates
Enter Person Setup > Human Resources > Employees
Event Entry and Inquiry Windows * Billing > Events
Event Types Setup > Billing > Event Types
Expenditure Batches Expenditures > Pre-Approved Batches > Enter
Expenditure Batches Summary Expenditures > Pre-Approved Batches > Review
Expenditure Categories Setup > Expenditures > Expenditure Categories
Expenditure Inquiry * Expenditures > Expenditure Inquiry Project
Expenditure Inquiry Across Projects * Expenditures > Expenditure Inquiry All
Expenditure Items * Expenditures > Expenditure Inquiry Project or All
Expenditure Types Setup > Expenditures > Expenditure Types
Find Expenditure Batches Expenditures > Pre-Approved Batches > Review
Find Invoices Billing > Invoice Review
Flexfield Security Rules Setup > Flexfields > Validation > Security > Define
Flexfield Value Sets Setup > Flexfields > Validation > Sets
Flexfield Values Setup > Flexfields > Validation > Values
GL Accounts Setup > Financials > Accounts
Implementation Options Setup > System > Implementation Options
Invoice Formats Setup > Billing > Invoice Formats
Invoice Summary* Billing > Invoice Review
Job Setup > Human Resources > Jobs
Key Flexfield Security Rules Setup > Flexfields > Key > Security > Define
Key Flexfield Segments Setup > Flexfields > Key > Segments
Labor Cost Multipliers Setup > Costing > Labor > Cost Multipliers
Location Setup > Human Resources > Locations
Maintain PA Period Statuses Setup > System > PA Periods
Mass Update Batches Project Maintenance > Mass Update Batches
Non-Labor Resources Setup > Expenditures > Non-Labor Resources
Organization Setup > Human Resources > Organizations > Define
Organization Hierarchies Setup > Human Resources > Organizations > Hierarchies
Organization Overrides Projects. Find the project for which you want to enter organization overrides. Choose Open. Select Organization Overrides from the Project Options.
PA Periods Setup > System > PA Periods
Payment Terms Setup > Billing > Payment Terms
Percent Complete Project Status > Percent Complete
Period Types Setup > Financials > Calendar > Types
Personal Profile Values Other > Profile
Pre-Approved Expenditure Batch Review Expenditures > Pre-Approved Batches > Review
Pre-Approved Expenditure Entry Expenditures > Pre-Approved Batches > Enter
Project Customer Relationships Setup > Projects > Customers > Relationships
Project Funding Inquiry Billing > Funding Inquiry
Project Role Types Setup > Projects > Role Types
Project Status Inquiry* Project Status > Project Status Inquiry
Project Status Inquiry Columns Setup > Project Status Columns
Project Statuses Setup > Projects > Statuses
Project Types Setup > Projects > Project Types
Projects, Templates Summary* Projects
Setup > Projects > Project Templates
PTE Employee Assignment to Operating Unit Setup > Expenditures > PTE-Multiple Org
QuickCodes Setup > Human Resources > QuickCodes
Request Set Other > Requests > Set
Resource Lists Setup > Budgets > Resource Lists
Revenue Categories Setup > Expenditures > Revenue Categories
Revenue Review Windows Billing > Revenue Review
Review Online Time and Expense Expenditures > Online Expenditure Review > Supervisor
Expenditures > Online Expenditure Review > All
Review Transactions* Expenditures > Transaction Import > Review Transactions
Role Types Setup > Projects > Role Types
Rollup Groups Setup > Flexfields > Key > Groups
Segment Values Setup > Flexfields > Key > Values
Setup > Flexfields > Descriptive > Values
Setup > Flexfields > Validation > Values
Service Types Setup > Projects > Service Types
Set of Books Setup > Financials > Books
Shorthand Aliases Setup > Flexfields > Key > Aliases
Source Products Setup > Activity Management Gateway > Source Products
Submit Requests Other > Requests > Run
System Options Setup > Customers > System Options
Transaction Controls Projects. Find the project for which you want to enter transaction controls. Choose Open. Select Transaction Controls from the Project Options.
Projects. Find the project. Choose Open. Select Tasks. Chose the task for which you want to enter transaction controls. Choose Options. Choose Transaction Controls from the Task Options.
Transaction Sources Setup > Expenditures > Transaction Sources
Units Setup > Expenditures > Units
Value Sets Setup > Flexfields > Validation Sets
View Burdened Costs Setup > Costing > Burden > View

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