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Burden Schedules

Use the Burden Schedules window to define firm and provisional burden schedules. When you create a schedule, you associate a burden structure to the schedule. You can create an unlimited number of schedules; for example, you may define unique schedules for the different purposes of internal costing, revenue, and invoicing.

You must set up and compile burden schedules for each business group. Burden schedules are shared among operating units associated with the same business group. If organization burden multipliers are not explicitly defined in the Define Burden Schedule window, they will default from the next higher level organization in the Project Burdening Hierarchy defined for the business group.

You assign burden schedules to project types, projects, or tasks; project type assignments provide default schedules to a project. Whenever special multipliers are negotiated for a project, you can create project or task burden schedule overrides with the negotiated burden multipliers.


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