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Project Role Types

You define project role types to control which employees can view and update project information in Oracle Projects. A project role type also determines whether holders of that role can query labor costs. Employees assigned project roles have access to maintain projects in Oracle Projects; you do not have to define all employees who perform work on a project with a project role.

For example, if you define a project role type with a name such as Project Consultant, you specify whether this project role permits access to a project's labor costs. If you decide not to permit access to project labor cost data, no employee assigned the project role of Project Consultant may view the labor costs for any projects to which they are assigned when they have that project role type.

Oracle Projects predefines the following role type:

Only one employee may be assigned the Project Manager role at any time during the life of a project. Oracle Projects predefines the Project Manager with access to view labor costs; by default, any employee assigned the Project Manager role can query labor costs.

Defining project role types

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Project Role Types Listing

Fremont Corporation distinguishes between two types of project leaders: managers and coordinators. Project Managers are authorized to see labor costs, but Project Coordinators are not.
Fremont Corporation uses the following role types, and allows holders of those roles to see the cost of labor as follows:
Name Description View Labor Cost
Project Manager Project Manager Enabled
Project Coordinator Project Coordinator Disabled

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