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Service Types

Service types are broad categories of work that employees may perform during the life of a project. When you define a work breakdown structure for a project, you assign a service type to each project task you define to indicate what type of work the task involves.

You can use service types to create more informative or detailed reporting across tasks. You can also use service types in your AutoAccounting setup.

Defining service types

   To define a service type:

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Service Types Listing

Fremont Corporation relies upon service types in its AutoAccounting rules to process indirect labor items. Fremont has an account for each type of indirect labor cost, such as vacation hours and sick hours.
Fremont's implementation team defines a service type for each kind of indirect labor. Fremont's implementation team maps each service type to the appropriate expense account when it implements AutoAccounting.
Fremont's implementation team also defines several service types for direct work; these service types are used only for reporting purposes.
Name Description
Field Work Work in the field
Lab Work Work in a corporate laboratory
Documentation Preparing documentation
R & D Indirect Research and Development
Administration Administrative Work
Marketing Indirect Marketing
B & P Bid & Proposal work
Vacation Vacation hours
Sick Sick hours
Holiday Holiday hours
Overtime Overtime hours

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