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Project Customer Relationships and Contact Types

Project customer relationships help you manage projects that involve multiple clients by specifying the various relationships your customers can have with a project. A customer has exactly one relationship with a given project; one or more customers can have the same relationship with a project.

For example, most projects have a single customer who is the main client on the project; you can define a relationship with a name such as Primary to indicate the major client on a project.

Contact types specify how the contacts of a particular customer are involved with a project. You can use project contacts to direct certain pieces of correspondence, such as invoices, to the appropriate customer contact.

For example, if your client identifies a specific employee as the technical resource for questions about that client's project, you can classify that employee using a contact type. First, you create a contact type with a name such as Technical. Later, when you define a project or modify your definition of that project, you assign the Technical contact type to the appropriate customer contact.

Defining Project Customer Relationships

   To define project customer relationships:

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Project Contact Types Listing

Project Customer Relationships Listing

Fremont Corporation distinguishes between the major client of a project and collateral clients who have less involvement than the major client. Fremont also distinguishes between major and collateral clients who help pay for a project, or who do not pay at all.
Name Description
Primary Client is contributing majority of payment
Secondary Client is contributing partial payment
Non-Paying Client is involved with project, but is contributing no payment

Defining contact types

You define a contact type by specifying a contact type name and description

Oracle Projects predefines two contact types:

Oracle Projects addresses invoices to the billing contact you specify when you define a project. All contract projects require a billing contact.

   To define contact types:

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Fremont Corporation's client management policies call for directing all correspondence to the appropriate customer contact in a client's organization.
To implement these policies, Fremont Corporation uses the predefined contact types and defines the following ones:
Name Description
Technical Acts as technical resource for the project
Contract Administers the contract

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