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Invoice Formats

An invoice format determines how Oracle Projects creates an invoice line. In the Invoice Formats window, you can define different formats for labor, non-labor, and retention invoice line items. You can specify how you want to summarize expenditure items, which fields you want an invoice line to display, and the order in which you want each field to appear. You can also include free-form text on an invoice line.

You select a grouping option to specify which expenditure items you want to summarize in an invoice line, and to specify whether an invoice line item is labor, non-labor, or retention. The choice of fields you can display in an invoice line depends on which grouping option you choose.

You select one or more of these fields to appear in one line, specify the start and end position for each field, and whether to right justify the field's value. You also specify the free-form text you want printed in the invoice line for a Text field.

Oracle Projects predefines numerous grouping options for both labor and non-labor invoice format types.

Defining Invoice Formats

   To define an invoice format:

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