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Expenditure Categories

An expenditure category describes the source of your organization's costs. For example, an expenditure category with a name such as Labor refers to the cost of labor. An expenditure category with a name such as Supplier refers to the cost incurred on supplier invoices.

You use expenditure categories when you define organization overrides, for budgeting, and for transaction controls. In addition, you can use expenditure categories in your AutoAccounting rules and in your reporting. Expenditure categories are used for grouping expenditure types for costing.

Defining Expenditure Categories

   To define expenditure categories:

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Effective Dates

Expenditure Types Definition Listing:

Resources and Resource Lists

Fremont Corporation defines an expenditure category for each of the following expenditure categories:
Name Description
Labor Labor costs
Travel Travel expenditures
In-House Recoverables Use of corporate assets
Outside Services Outside services
Material Materials
Other Expenses Expenses, excluding travel

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