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Employees and Employee Assignments

Use the Enter Person window to enter employee information. Oracle Projects requires the following information for employees:

Attention: If you have Oracle Human Resources installed, you cannot use Oracle Projects to define employee information. Use an Oracle Human Resources responsibility to define employees.

Use API to Load Employee Information

As an alternative to entering employee information manually, you can use an Application Programming Interface (API) to load employee data if you have fully installed Oracle Human Resources. The Oracle Human Resource Management Systems (HRMS) provides documentation on APIs for creating employee records in HRMS. Use the create_gb_employee API to create a UK employee, create_us_employee to create a US employee, and create_employee to create an employee for any other legislation.

For more information on these APIs, see APIs in Release 11.0. For technical information about using the HRMS APIs, see: Technical Essays (Oracle Human Resources Implementation Guide).

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Enter Person

Fremont Corporation's Human Resources department enters the following information for three employees.
Donald Gray:
Employee: Last Name Gray
  First Name Donald
  Number 1000
  Expense Address Office
Assignment: Location HQ
  Organization Risk Analysis
  Job Principal. Engineer
  Employee Billing Title Engineer
James Robinson:
Employee: Last Name Robinson
  First Name James
  Number 1001
  Expense Address Office
Assignment: Location HQ
  Supervisor Gray, Donald
  Organization Environmental
  Job Senior.Engineer
  Employee Billing Title Geologist
Amy Marlin:
Employee: Last Name Marlin
  First Name Amy
  Number 1002
  Expense Address Office
Assignment: Location HQ
  Supervisor Gray, Donald
  Organization Data Systems
  Job Senior.Consultant
  Employee Billing Title Systems Analyst

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