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Job Titles

When you finish defining your Job Flexfield, you use it to define individual job titles by combining different level and discipline segment values. For example, you can combine segment values to define job titles such as Senior Engineer, Staff Scientist, and so on.

You use the Job window to enter valid combinations of the two Job Flexfield segments and to provide effective dates.

See Also

Defining Jobs

Fremont Corporation has three levels each of Engineer and Consultant to recognize the greater expertise its employees gain over time. Fremont also has Staff Clerk and Staff Draftsman titles.
Fremont's implementation team specifies the following active job titles based on the Job Flexfield segment values:
Level + Discipline = Name
Senior Engineer Senior.Engineer
Staff Engineer Staff.Engineer
Principal Engineer Principal.Engineer
Staff Clerk Staff.Clerk
Staff Draftsman Staff.Draftsman
Senior Consultant Senior.Consultant
Staff Consultant Staff.Consultant
Principal Consultant Principal.Consultant

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