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Interface Expense Reports to Payables

The Interface Expense Reports to Payables process collects all eligible expense reports, including adjustments, in Oracle Projects and interfaces them to the Oracle Payables interface tables. The Interface process also determines the liability account for the expense report costs.

After they are interfaced to these interface tables, the expense reports await further processing by Oracle Payables' Invoice Import process. If any of the expense reports are rejected during the interface to Oracle Payables, then the transfer status for these expense reports is set to Rejected in the interface. Those expense report costs that are successfully interfaced have a transfer status of Interfaced.

Any adjustments processed for existing transactions are attached to the original expense reports in Oracle Payables for Cash Basis Accounting purposes.

Process Submission

From the Submit Request window, you can submit the PRC: Interface Expense Reports to Payables process either by itself, or as part of one of 'Interface Expense Report Costs to AP' parameters of PRC: Submit Streamline Processes process. See: Submitting Requests.

Output Reports

Two output reports show you the results of this process:

See Also

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