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Payables Invoice Import Program

Use Payables Invoice Import to create Payables invoices from expense reports you enter in Payables, Oracle Web Employees, or Oracle Projects. You can also use Payables Invoice Import to import invoices from other accounting systems. You can then use Payables to pay these invoices and create journal entries for general ledger posting.

When you import invoices, Payables records the source of the imported invoices and the imported invoice details. Payables Invoice Import verifies all your expense report and invoice information to ensure it creates valid, fully-distributed invoices, ready for approval and payment. If the expense report or invoice information fails validation, Payables Invoice Import does not create an invoice from the information and reports the exception on the Payables Invoice Import Exceptions Report. Payables will not import an invoice or expense report more than once.

Attention: If you are importing invoices from an external system, note that beginning with Payables Release 12 you will be able to import external invoices only through the Payables Open Interface Import process. During Release 11 you should plan to move existing processes from the Payables Invoice Import Interface Tables to the Payables Open Interface Tables. We recommend that if you are implementing any new Payables Invoice Import processes that you use only the Payables Open Interface Tables and the Payables Open Interface Import process. See: Payables Open Interface Program.

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