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Entering Pre-Approved Expenditure Batches

Enter pre-approved expenditures, such as timecards, expense reports, or usage logs, in batches. If you enter expenditures in a batch, Oracle Projects processes them as a group. In addition, when you release the batch for cost distribution, Oracle Projects releases all expenditures in the batch simultaneously.

Batch entry promotes accuracy and efficiency. You can use batches to:

When you enter pre-approved expenditures, you first create a new batch, then enter the expenditures in the batch and their associated expenditure items. When you have entered all expenditures and expenditure items, you can submit the contents of the batch. Typically, your supervisor reviews your submitted batches and releases them for cost distribution.

Note: Your implementation team can decide to allow the same person or job responsibility to both enter, submit, and release pre-approved expenditures.

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