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Agreement Template

To create a Quick Agreement, you set up an agreement template that will be associated with a project template.

A project created from the project template associated with the agreement template will have an agreement created for it with the values entered in the agreement template. The only exceptions are the Agreement Number and Expiration Date. The Agreement Number will be the same as the Project Number you enter in Quick Entry. The Expiration Date will be based on the relationship between the project start date and the agreement template Expiration Date.

For example, if the project start date of the project template is January 1, 1996, the agreement template funding date is January 10, 1996, and the new project's start date is July 15, 1996, then the agreement for the new project will be created with an expiration date of July 25, 1996.

You create an agreement template the same way you create any other agreement.

Agreement templates can only be viewed in the Agreement Template Entry window. You cannot view agreement templates in the Agreement Entry window.

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