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Funding a Project Template

Each agreement template that funds a project template can fund only one project template. Conversely, each project template can only be funded by one agreement template.

When you fund an agreement template, only project templates (not projects) will be listed in the Project List of Values.

When you create a new project from the project template associated with the agreement template, you enter a starting date for the project. The funding date for the new project will be based on the funding date you entered in the agreement template, adjusted by the difference between the project template start date and the project start date.

For example, if the funding date in the agreement template is January 1, 1996 and the project template has a start date of June 1, 1997, when you create a new project whose start date is July 15, 1996, The funding for the new project will have an allocation date of July 15, 1997.

You can fund agreement templates at either the project or task level.

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