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Invoice Review

Use the MGT: Invoice Review report to review the draft invoices of a particular project. You can use this report to verify your draft invoices before approving and releasing them for interface to Oracle Receivables for final customer invoice generation.

This report begins by listing header information regarding the project. It also displays project totals, including the unbilled receivables amount to date, the dollar amount of expenditure items on hold, and the budgeted revenue.

For each draft invoice selected, this report displays invoice header information including the customer name, the percentage of the total invoice amount for which the customer is responsible, and the invoice status. It also displays the AR Invoice Number that is created when you interface your draft invoice to Oracle Receivables.

If you regenerate a draft invoice to credit a previously released invoice and create a customer credit memo, this report displays the number of the original approved invoice in the Credit of Number field.

Below the invoice header information, this report displays all the invoice line items of the draft invoice. The invoice line descriptions appear on the final customer invoice when it is generated in Oracle Receivables. You can change the look and content of your invoice line descriptions by regenerating the draft invoice after first selecting new labor or non-labor invoice formats for your project.

This report finishes by listing a summary of the revenue-distributed expenditure items and billing events that have not yet been billed for this project.

Report Submission

In addition to submitting the MGR: Invoice Review report from the Submit Reports window, you can also submit this report from the Review Invoices, Adjust Invoices, and Release Invoices windows by selecting Print Invoice Review.

Selected Parameters

The following parameters are required: Project Role Type, Invoice Status, Display Details and Display Unbilled Items. You can enter any other parameters to limit the report.

Start Organization. Enter the organization from which you want this report to start down the organization hierarchy. If you leave this option blank, Oracle Projects uses the Start Organization you defined in the Define Implementation Options window.

Invoice Status. To limit the report to a particular invoice status, enter the invoice status:

Display Details. If you enter Yes, the report includes an invoice line details section that displays all of the expenditure items that Oracle Projects selected to produce the invoice lines. Enter No to include invoice lines only.

Display Unbilled Items. Enter Yes to include any unbilled items or items on hold at the end of the output. Otherwise enter No.

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