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Budget Types

Budget types identify the different kinds of budgets that you enter for your projects. Every project budget that you enter is classified by a budget type.

Each budget type is defined as either a cost budget type or a revenue budget type. For budgets using cost budget types, you can enter quantities, raw cost, and burdened costs. For budget using revenue budget types, you can enter quantities and revenue amounts.

You can use any budget type for project status tracking.

Oracle Projects predefines four budget types:

You can define additional budget types during implementation. For example, your company may want to create a separate budget from the Approved Cost Budget to track "what if" scenarios for future project alternatives.

Defining Budget Types

   To define a budget type;

Fremont Corporation defines one additional budget type to track the forecast cost budget. Each project manager can enter the forecasted budget amount at completion using this budget type.
Name Amount Type
Forecast at Completion Cost Budget

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