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Performing a Project Expenditure Inquiry

Use this window to review a project's expenditure items. When you review expenditure items, you can see the amount and type of expenditure items charged to a project, the date an expenditure item occurred, how much revenue has accrued for an expenditure item, and other information about the project's expenditure items. You can also drill down to Oracle Payables to view the Invoice Overview form.

There are two expenditure inquiry window modes available in Oracle Projects:

The mode in which you access the expenditure inquiry window is determined by your user responsibility. Under the Project Billing Super User and Project Costing Super User responsibilities, which are supplied by Oracle Projects, you have access to both expenditure inquiry modes.

   To perform an expenditure inquiry:

Note: This window does not display events. If your project uses event-based or cost-to-cost revenue accrual or invoice generation, use the Events window to view the total project revenue and bill amounts.

Note: You can also view rejection reasons for transactions rejected during the costing or revenue generation processes from the Expenditure Items window. From the Folder menu, choose Show Field and select either Cost Distr. Rejection or Revenue Distr. Rejection.

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